Todd Rundgren Samples

Alright, I know I’m just gonna keep getting like 5 views each on these pages, but this is what I’m writing about today. I had the chance to go see Todd Rundgren live about two months ago, and he was actually doing a performance of perhaps my favorite album of all time “Todd” from front … Continue reading

10cc Samples

I’m a big fucking sucker for 10cc samples. 10cc were what can be described as an “art-rock” group that released tons of albums in the 70s of really adventurous, catchy as hell, weird, avant-garde pop-rock. To my producers, any 10cc album you pick up is guaranteed to have gems on it. Anyway, I haven’t really … Continue reading

Consequence “Bearer of Bad News”

I surprisingly have kept up with most of Consequence’s latest releases, and although he’s not the most impressive MC, he’s been getting more solid with each recent joint. If you tryna learn some history look up his fabled lost album from the mid 90s. J Dilla on the beat on this one so. Let’s post. … Continue reading

HeadBangers Ball

Head Knockers by the Head Knocker himself….. JDilla

Y’all Aint Ready